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    Name:   Lean Certificate Series  
    Code:   CIS-LM-LCS  
    Price:   $1,495.00  
    Length:   32 Hours  
    Delivery Mode:   Instructor Led Training (Classroom)  

    description.gif   Description  
    The Lean Certificate Series is a four-day “boot camp” that prepares Lean Leaders. Participants complete this training ready to take on key roles in leading an organization’s implementation of Lean Continuous Improvement.

    This program will guide the participant through the powerful tools used in Lean manufacturing implementation. Using a value stream map, participants will begin prioritizing Kaizen events to eliminate waste as quickly as possible. They will gain working knowledge of proven and practical Lean manufacturing tools, such as:

    • Eight Manufacturing Wastes.
    • Value stream mapping.
    • Workplace organization and visual controls (5-S system).
    • Quick changeover.
    • Pull/Kanban systems.
    • Cellular Manufacturing
    • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).
    • Standardized work.
    • Quality at the source.
    • Lean office.
    • Kaizen Facilitation.
    • Leading Lean.

    Through a combination of hands-on learning and classroom instruction, this week-long event will provide participants with the skills to lead the Lean initiative at their facility.


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